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Scythe Needs Some Love (Bonus- Sickle?)


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There is a post in this vein already, but it is old and I have a different direction in mind, so I made a new post

I feel like the purpose of the scythe is to save time in performing a repetitive task.  I have been using mine to harvest hay, and I don't find it's a great deal faster than doing it with the knife because of the slow swing and the time I have to spend trying to target a piece of grass that is adjacent to a bunch of others.  It would serve its apparent purpose better, and be a little more realistic, if it could harvest grass in a (flat) area around the target, regardless of whether there's actually a tall grass at the target location.  Bonus realism points for getting it to cut grass/crops in a straight line (or even an arc) rather than a square.  This way, one could just walk forward swinging the scythe and successfully cut all the grass within reach, instead of leaving random orphan bits you have to clean up after.

[PS - Regarding the old post, I also think the scythe needs a bit of love, but I think for realism having it magically not cut immature crops is not ideal for the base game.  Having it cut everything means you need to judge the value of your time against the size of your harvest, which could be a fun decision to have to make.  Perhaps a new tool - like a sickle - could be much faster than the knife but only target a single block and be specialized to grass-like plants?  This would allow a faster but still fully productive harvest.  Perhaps to add value to the sickle (over the knife), it could also add a small chance of producing an extra crop seed when used on mature grain crops.  Like 5-10% or something, not enough to make it completely OP, but enough that once you have a good sized farm, you no longer need to search for wild seeds to expand should you choose to, which is also more realistic.]

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