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Mod Dev: Unable to Make Save to Test


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I am new to modding in Vintage Story, but I am playing with the modding environment to try and develop a simple mod to test how it all works. I am encountering an issue though. After setting up my Dev environment with Visual Studio and launching the game through the IDE, I can launch the game to no errors but when attempting to create a test world to see my changes the world loading will fail. When canceling the creation and returning to the Singleplayer tab, a red error message is displayed on the world saying: "Unable to load savegame and no write access, likely opened elesewhere." I do not have to game running in any other instance and I am unsure if there is some permission I need to setup to give the IDE access to create or load saved games. I have added some images to better show this. I have not added any code. I have only created a default Mod Template via the wiki tutorial and tried to boot it to make sure every loads correctly. Any help on the topic would be appreciated as I would love to learn how to create in the game. Thank you


Capture 1.PNG

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