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Mod Idea/Concept - Looking to see if possible to create

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So just like the title says I am mainly looking to see if this is in any way possible before I start to sink hours in learning/creating this. Feedback/advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you wish to provide assistance/guidance while I work on this (if possible) then maybe we can connect on discord. This is my first mod for any game and I am also somewhat of a novice when it comes to programming. I have dabbled around in the past and have picked it up quickly but usually have a fair bit of questions. 

Mod Idea: Waypoint Manager
Concept: Allows you to toggle waypoint icons on the map via new tabs on map

Mod Workings:
So essentially this mod will create a pre-determined/pre-labeled set of tabs on the map under the ones that are already there

Given the tab that you click that will either hide or display the icons that are associated with the button.

For example -
     - Mines Tab, this would turn on/off all pickaxe icons
     - Bees Tab, this would turn on/off all bee icons
     - and so on....

Coding Mod:
So the way I was thinking of approaching this was by creating pre-set "maplayers" (from the essentials.dll) and then linking them somehow to "waypointcomponents" that would be used to determine the icons that are controlled via the given maplayer.

The maplayers would control said maplayer being visible or not while the component tells the maplayer which icon is assigned to it for hidding/showing. 


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