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Skyblock 4 Traders


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Vintage Story 1.19.3 SKYBLOCK 4 TRADERS

Download skyblock

Download modpack for skyblock

A my take on Vintage Story Skyblock challenge map ( original by HONKCLUWNE ).

This is simply a save so just toss it in your save folder. The world is 1024x1024 and completely empty besides the titular Skyblock and 4 traders island.

Tree growth rate is increased and hunger is decreased to compensate for the lack of resources. The map requires some mods to play, but I recommend others to make the experience more enjoyable.



Not Enough Sand https://mods.vintagestory.at/notenoughsand

This mod allows you to turn stones into gravel which is essential to be able to acquire metal through panning in order to progress.

Expanded Matter https://mods.vintagestory.at/em

required for NES



Download mod pack to emprove QOL  https://www.vintagestory.cz/downloads/mods10.rar

Simple unpack to your VintageStoryData/mods folder.


Enjoy and feel free to comment and put suggestion down bellow

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