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Just some shower thoughts, please give constructive criticism and don't just crap on me. (Yes I know these more than likely have been suggested but either couldn't find or want to restate them.)

1. Permanent apiary. My idea is to not only have the cheap skeps but more expensive apiary's using paper and frames so we don't need to constantly farm reeds.

2. Muskets. Expensive ranged weapons that do a ton of damage have longer ranges but take forever to reload. This would give you a late game ranged attack versus just better arrows. Crossbows. I'f Muskets aren't your speed maybe muskets could work windlass could be a replacement if muskets don't fit into the game.

3. Dried fruit... Self explanatory. 

4. Graphite Crucibles for larger amounts of metal to be smelted instead of being able to make like 20 bars of ingots from one tiny pot.

5. Canning. Making use of tin to make cans. Allowing for more of these to be placed onto a shelf OR the same size. 

6. More Molds.

7. Wood Stove for cooking, Heating and lighting. 

8. Dynamite, for clearing large areas of stone. 5x5 or something

9. Ability to pick up barrels without removing all of the liquid. 

10. Ability to distill from a barrel into distillery and straight back into a barrel.


Other ideas or fixes

1. Imperial system of measurement for the few who use it.

2. Reduce accuracy of drifters but increase damage... 

3. Fix the stacking for dried fruit mash. 

4. Fix things using fuel but not progressing I.e Helve hammer metal cooling while not progressing at all when sleeping, boiler running out of fuel but not boiling.

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