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Missing map chunk (corrupted?)


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Me and my friend returned to our base from a long and far away trip. I'm not sure if anyone (it's a multiplayer server) else has been visiting our premises during that time (possibly not).

....And we've found that a chunk of the map is missing. It's visible as empty space, but can't go into it, fall nor interact with anything in that area. The only way to get inside is the noclip command.
Is there a way to fix it somehow? Has anyone encountered similiar issue when running VS server?


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Hey I have this same issue on my server with one of my player's bases. It's always the same 1-2 chunks that go missing whenever the player returns from a long journey away from the area.

Server restart fixes the issue, but it returns shortly after. Not really sure what is causing this. Mods installed:

  • A Culinary Artillery
  • Ancient Armory
  • Auto Map Markers
  • Auto Close Doors
  • Bed Respawning
  • Better Firepit
  • Bricklayers
  • Carry On
  • Cave Beacons
  • CommonLib
  • Configure Everything
  • Cooperative Combat
  • Electricity
  • Electricity Extensions
  • Expanded Matter
  • Expanded Foods
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Joy of Sailing
  • Just More Ruins
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Millwright
  • No Rotting HIdes
  • Prospect Together
  • Rivers
  • Sortable Storage
  • Stone Quarry
  • Stone Railings
  • VanillaPlus World Gen

EDIT: Might have something to do with Electricity mod or Millwright. https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/3663


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