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Brighter Nights in Snowy Regions


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I find it rather perplexing that when snow falls and night rolls around, it's still as dark at night as it is during the summer months. I feel like there needs to be some balance and appeal to being in an area that experiences snowfall in comparison to warmer regions where there is none whatsoever. Plus a greater level of realistic immersion in a way that doesn't hurt the player in some way or another is always welcome.


Honestly, I would love to have some reason to want to stay in more northern regions instead of the immediate reaction of heading southward towards some medium or warmer climate. This opens up the ability to have more freedom in exploring during the winter months instead of constantly retreating into caves to mine. Even being able to forego the need to constantly carry a torch (or later a lantern) all the time would be a boon, because every inventory space counts. Especially when it comes to combat, not having to set down said light source in favor of a shield or similar.


Possible implementation of if there is a certain amount of snow cover/layers in X radius around the player, ambient brightness is increased by Y%. Sparing/patchy snowfall would be less effective on increasing night visibility, whereas total snow coverage would have a much greater effect.

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