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Path Improvement

Alan Blue

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The stone path block recipe of four-stone-and-dirt. I'd appreciate separating the four stones into separate stacks for the recipe for two reasons:

1) It would be useful to me for it to have a route to mix stone - like the 'mixed stone wall'. The paths are all identical anyway. And this gives a route to clearing my base of 'three of claystone, three of granite, three of ...' 

2) When you craft a zillion, you're slapping 64 soil, 64 stone, and hitting 'go'. But. You only get 16. If you could do *four* piles of 64 stone, then 'one 'make all' click gets you your full 64 path in one shot.

It would seem to be a 'no code' sort of adjustment.

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That's for recipe improvement and I personally agree it is a good idea.


On the topic of path improvement - since it's this thread's title - may I add the fact that a diagonal path made 1 or 2 orthogonally connected path blocks wide is currently an issue in winter.  Essentially snow layers from the surrounding non-path blocks slows down the player if by poor luck we hit those pesky 'snow corners' instead of staying bang in the middle of the diagonal path.  It forces us to deliberately increase the width of the diagonal.

The game should understand we're touching or at least are mainly located on a path block and not make us jump on the snow layers surrounding the path.

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