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Raccoons Spawning in (indoor) Barn

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Hey all, I've been scouring the web attempting to find a similar issue, but the gist is that I've got a fully enclosed barn (limestone and sandstone cobble) that's been spawning raccoons. While they haven't caused any issues yet, I feel it's only a matter of time until something happens and either they get out to ransack my hives, or a more problematic creature takes their place instead.

Everything I've read about them suggests that they should only be spawning on log/shrub blocks which are not present anywhere inside or near the barn. I assume my issue must be lighting somehow, but why would raccoons be spawning on cobblestone (within the pen itself--full blocks, not slabs) to begin with?

Has anyone run into a similar issue before? Is the wiki wrong about raccoon spawning parameters, or is this a glitch of some sort? Should I keep my eye out for wolves and bears spawning next time?


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Well, I figured it out (though I'm still uncertain why it was raccoons spawning, when it was cobblestone and not logs/shrubs). For anyone that had a similar problem, here's the gist; from what I gather, the night sky doesn't count as darkness because it's essentially a non-value (just empty space). So having your animals in a pen that lacks a ceiling is fine, so long as there's enough light inside the pen itself to keep them from de-spawning.

Of course, as shown in the pic provided, there was a ceiling over the pen that I made, and it's dark. Even though the pen itself is lit up, the game was counting the whole thing (pen and ceiling) as one space, and so the entirety of my barn was considered "dark" (we're talking almost losing my entire herd of gen 6 sheep to the darkness de-spawning mechanic type of "dark").

All that to say, the lovely vaulted ceilings I was planning simply weren't going to work. It would've been too much trouble and too many lanterns worth doing, so I ended up covering the whole thing over. No more raccoons have spawned since then, and neither have I lost anymore animals to the void of the dark ceiling.

I know this is all a very niche problem, but I spent hours scouring for an answer that I never found, and I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling with some of these more obscure issues, so I hope this is able to help anyone running into something similar (raccoons or otherwise)! :)

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