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Ocean is calling, will you answer the call and beat the challenge of no land? The world is 95% water, so you have only islands to explore.

Our discord server - https://discord.gg/x6stM2ZVK5


The challenge comes from limited land and more aggressive fauna, otherwise it's survival preset with the following changes:

- /starterkit command gives you a sail raft, torches, and some food
- /rescuekit to give you new shiny boat if you die in open sea
- Game time is passing by even when no one is online
- 30 days per month
- World is 384k x 192k, polar-equator is 96k
- World height is 384
- Food spoil rate is 0.65x
- Tool durability is 1.5x
- Soil instability is on, cave-ins off
- Dropped items on death stay for an hour
- Global ores 1.5x
- Surface copper is common
- 5% land, 50% land scale
- Class recipes are on
- cropGrowthRateMul is 1.2, subject to change, but crops grow a bit faster, though still affected by 30 days length of the month

Client mods that make the game easier are disallowed by the server.

- Some custom tweaks for mob navigation in water, respawning of cattails, etc
- Animal cages
- Brick layers
- Bullseye
- Carry on
- Chisel tools
- Expanded foods
- Fauna of the Stone Age - Caninae, Capreolinae, Casuariidae, Machairodontinae, Pantherinae, Sirenia
- Hanging oil lamps
- Immersive corpse drops
- Immersive wood chopping
- Joy of sailing
- Millwright
- Primitive survival
- Custom mod for randomized wind to make sailing even more fun
- Spyglass
- Stone quarry
- Th3Dungeon
- Translocator engineering
- Vanillaplus worldgen
- Vinconomy

Happy sailing!

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