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Weird Stipes and flickering Shadows/Lights bug


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I have this weird visual bug.

It is mostly noticeable in low light situations (not as much in bright sunlight). Depending on the situation it takes different forms. At night with my lantern in hand there is this flickering of the shadow when I tilt the view up and down. when I hold still nothing happens.

At sunset/rise I get these stripes. They change direction and spacing with the slightest touch of the mouse. I included some screenshots. I scaled down my screenshots for the post. The lines might not seem that noticeable but trust me you would see them in game. I took out all of my mods for the screenshots.

Edit: also added a video, the flickering is very noticeable there.

I think the flickering and the stripes might be the same thing but it just looks different depending of the speed of the tilt and the angle of the surface I look at (floor vs. flat wall) 

I am running the newest Version 1.19.7 on Windows 10. I use a NVIDIA 4080 Super on the newest driver 552.22 with the highest settings. I tried some other graphics settings but I didn't manage to find anything that affected the flickering.

I couldn't find anyone describing a similar issue so I am hoping someone can help me find some setting that is causing this. I would really like to play without this glitch... Anyone got any ideas?







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added video of bug
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