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Realistic Water and Thirst


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First of all, my compliments to the chef. This is a great game and I adore it very much. As the title mentions my suggestion is more realistic water. I assume something similar may already be planned, since the current water physics are Minecraft-esque and feel like a placeholder above anything else.

  • This may be easily done through turning water essentially into a cellular automata.
  • There could also be "spring source" embeded in rock, that would allow for waterfalls.
  • Rivers with a gradiant would also improve the "aliveness" of the world.
  • Soil could slowly absorb water and rain could replenish it.
  • Differantiation between fresh and salt water and 
  • Thirst should be added to give these changes a weight. 

Naturally these changes would lead to a far more dynamic ecosystem. As well as introducing potential systems of water management when it comes to agriculture with respect to engineering.


Don't be afraid to steal from Minecraft or TerraFirmaCraft. Always remember:

"Good artists borrow. Great artists steal."

-Pablo Picasso


With Love

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