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Any WorldGen experts that have messed with Strata variety?

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Hi all, got the game recently and I have been loving it. My biggest problem is the overall scale of strata layers. You may run thousands upon thousands of blocks and still be above the layer you spawned on, or barely through the next which wasn’t what you were looking for and now you’re either running 10k+ blocks or just giving up and turning around.  
 I’ve been messing with some of the WorldGen options in both assets>survival>worldgen as well as making a code mod to tweak the values in TerraGenConfig, to try and find a way to “shrink” the world down via reducing the X/Y scale of swathes of a given strata type. Nothing in GeologicProvinces.json or RockStrata.json seemed to help, so I tried with a code mod and changing some values:  


TerraGenConfig.geoProvMapScale (and other geoProv settings like padding and smooth radius) didn’t seem to do anything, at least not what I was looking for   

Lowering TerraGenConfig.rockStrataScale DOES seem to increase the variety but the lower you go, you’ll start seeing a very ugly band of chunks, in a roughly straight line east/west, that generate rock all the way to the surface (including replacing muddy gravel underwater). This repeats every few hundred blocks north/south so you get these really bad parallel lines of broken chunks.  

There is a mod called StrataShrinker which aims to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish, and the author even monkey patched a setter for region size which doesn’t seem to be helping too much either.  
Calling any and all modders who have messed with world gen: have you found any tweaks that seem to spawn worlds with a much smaller span of a given rock type, without strange artifacts in the generation?

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