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[HELP NEEDED] Vintage Story - Ubuntu Server


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I'm attempting to host a dedicated server for Vintage Story off my Ubuntu Linux laptop. I've done the setup correctly on the laptop, and the server works. That said, I have one small issue; even with port forwarding, no one else outside my network can connect. I've come here to ask if there's anyone that has an idea on how to make this work. Just to make sure, this is how I do it:

I port forwarded my internal IP to external ports 42415 - 42420 (My ISPs website wouldn't allow me to just pick 42420 for some reason) and internal port 42420 with a TCP protocol.

After a router restart, I fired up the server on my Ubuntu Linux machine. I tried joining through, which works great if you're local. But afterwards, I tried connecting to the server with my public IP (e.g. and it doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone have any ideas or alternatives?

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