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Does anyone know how to reduce input lag?


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For context, I used to game on a AOC C24G1 but then I got a new couch and moved the pc to a shitty cheap 7 year old 4K 55inch Medion TV from Aldi.

Ever since I could "feel" input delay when walking around and I thought it must be the 60Hz of the TV. But then I grabbed an item and swirled it around and saw that the item follows my mouse instead of staying on it. Basically like this (also see attached). I then replugged my PC into the AOC monitor and also noticed the effect but to a way lesser degree and none at all when walking around and looking around with my mouse. With the 4K TV it feels like that new underwwater effect - not as a strong but I can still feel the effect. This makes me misclick and mis-look (running into walls, misclicking items ike crucibles and pots and bowls, axes etc.

Anyway. In the attached it doesn't lok like much but that's because of the shitty recording software, it's actually two items blocks behind my mouse when I move the cursor.

Is this the TVs problem or coudl it be my hardware? I never noticed these things with my Xbox on the TV...

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