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ISO RPG players to build RPG server with

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Are you looking for a pure RPG experience like you get in a D&D game group? I'm looking to replicate that in VS and am in search of some mature, serious role players that want to form an RPG group to game with others of like mind. I have a small paid server and started working/testing on a mod pack to create a fantasy world suitable for a RPG but want to get a group (up to 8 ) assembled so, just like in a D&D (or other RPG) we can decide as a group on the particulars. To bring in a little more 'Dungeon Master' to the game I have an idea to use ChatGPT to act as a DM for us in that I could have it come up with quests and other adventures for us to go on/complete bringing a bit of depth to the RPG play. I would also stand up a WordPress site where we could post our adventures, stories, characters sheets and other info on the world to add to the RPG aspect of it and of course a discord chat.

Mythosia Vintage Story Server – Riverworld (free.nf)

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