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Suggestion: Bone handles for all tools, plus more handles?

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I find it a shame that bones can only be used for stone axes and knives, especially as I love the look of the white handle, and I know some metal tools that would look stunning with it!

I mean a handle should be what.. lightweight, and durable yes? So I don't see why bone doesn't fit the bill, maybe there's a physical reason why that wouldn't work who knows.

Anyway, I see both aged wood and bone being perfect handle options, outside of aesthetics they'd also increase durability just a touch. I say aged wood as well because it's often used for higher-tier things like beds and paths, though logically I feel like aged wood would be weaker, who's to say the aged wood in vintage story isn't slightly fossilized or something idk, I'm just looking for an excuse to have a pretty aged handle for my tools haha.

If this resonates with any modders/modelers, I'd love to see it come to fruition. Or even to see new handles in the base game itself.

Also if anyone else has ideas of what other handle types the game could have for tools, I'd love to hear them too!

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