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My take on thirst, released now in beta version. Thirst will decrease your hunger rate by a max of 30% if you keep the bar above half, and will increase the hunger rate by a max of 30% if your bar is too low. Keeping well hydrated will also give you a euhydration health boost. Water has to be boiled to avoid risk of vomiting, and using a dowsing rod will lead the player to pure water reservoirs which can be used to make a well, a renewable source of pure water.

This mod isn’t about making things overly challenging but about introducing a thirst mechanic that's enjoyable. Similar to how Vintage Story makes even the mundane tasks engaging and rewarding, I want players to relish the process of finding their own water sources, building wells, and crafting waterskins to carry water. It should be gratifying to look back and see the progress from simply drinking out of a leaky wooden bowl.

The mod, as the name says, aspires to be balanced but it certainly won't be at the start. I encourage you to contribute to the balancing by providing feedback and suggestions.

Download Here: BalancedThirst

If you want more hardcore thirst, check out: Hydrate or Diedrate!

Feature List


Thirst is the main mechanic of the mod. Together with a hunger bar, you now have a thirst bar. Keep an eye on it! Its value will affect your hunger rate. If you're well hydrated, you will get hungry more slowly but the inverse is also true, when below 50%, you will get hungry faster. You can drink either from containers, or directly from the source.

Vomiting and water purity

Not all water is born equal. Normal water will have a small chance of being contaminated and making you vomit! You don't want to do so, as it will drastically lower your hydration and saturation. Boil water or look for pure springs to avoid that. Pure water is the only water with 0 chance of vomiting.

Water boiling

You can boil water in a firepit using a bowl or a kettle (not a pot). You can also boil salwater to get wet salt crystals. Throw them on the ground with sprint-right-click and dry them to get salt.

Water expires

Water will get contaminated by being held in containers that aren't properly sealed. Use waterskins or other (configurable) containers to keep it clean and pure for longer.

LiquidContainers is highly suggested to carry water with you


Look for pure spring water with a dowsing rod.


Euhydration is a health boost acquired thorough regular hydration. Drinking salt water and urine will lower it!


Choose if you sit or stand in the client config, then either sit and right-click or stand and sprint-right-click with a empty hand to release your bladder! Doing so on farmland has a chance of adding some nutrients to the soil, while doing it in a container will fill it up! If you're a Bear Grylls wannabe, you can also drink it... (Controls disabled by default, values are configurable)


The configuration files are full of options and I add more every release. If there is something about this mod you'd like to have adjusted, check them out! If you don't find any option for it, you can request it.

In the configs, you can set basic things like thirst rate or max hydration, the radius of the dowsing rod, etcetera, and also more advanced stuff all the items and blocks that get can be drank or eaten to get hydrated, which containers you can place in a firepit to boil water, which containers slow water expiration, which stats (vanilla or modded) are affected by thirst (it doesn't have to be hunger!) and much more!

ConfigLib is suggested for a better config experience

Hunger buff and debuff config option showcase (graph here)

Vanilla stats you can set
walkspeed, meleeWeaponDamage, healingeffectivness, rangedWeaponsAcc, rangedWeaponsSpeed

Coming soon:

  • Handbook (in game)


  • Water filtering (some compatibility with Lavoisier and ChemistryLib)
  • Better water purity or contamination system
  • Rework of euhydration: minerals from water that give health boost
  • Compatibility with common mods
  • Some mechanism to use a well, perhaps lowering buckets to grab water
  • Sweating? Changing thirst rate based on external temperature, the reverse of cold
  • Better endgame: running water/pipes?

Known Bugs:

Currently crashes clients when joining a server, working on a fix.

  • Rivers
  • LiquidContainers
  • HydrateOrDiedrate (you can choose which mod's thirst to use, essentially)

Update on HoD compatibility:

We talked it out with Chronolegionnaire (author of HoD) and reached the conclusion that it is better not to merge the two mods, they will remain sister mods for the foreseeable future. It is also hard for us to add compatibility for each feature the other adds, as it effectively doubles our work. But do not despair, we reached the agreement that, as long as due credit is given, we can freely take inspiration from each other's mod. This benefits us, as it allows us to follow our creative intentions to make the mods the best they can be, and it benefits you, the user: if there is a HoD feature you really want in here (or vice versa) we can work on adding and also make sure it fits with the design choices of our mods. For this reason, it is very likely I will add a similar clothing cooling system in the future. (Currently it is sort-of compatible with HoD, but the values are very skewed, there is a config setting you can adjust for this).

Note: the mod has a default behavior (values configurable) for how much hydration each nutrition type gives. For many mods, this may be sufficient, or alternatively you can add items you believe deserve more hydration (like juice) to the hydration dictionary in the config or using configlib. The mod now also supports the format of HydrateOrDiedrate. Share them here or on the forum post! (in the config format please) This way we can build a large compatibility dictionary.

If you are getting crashes when placing items:

Words by the wise SpearAndFang:

I wonder if the people need to either delete the contents of their vintagestorydata\cache folder or look in their mods folder and ensure that their aren't multiple copies of your mod in there. Disabling mods in the mod manager isn't always enough. I always advise that people look at their mods folder and tidy it up

Contribution shoutouts:
  • XxShyWolf – Help with debug
  • Hydromancerx – Bladder suggestion

Feel free to discuss the mod’s balancing or possible features and compatibility.


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