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First map : little showcase


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Hello, everyone!
As I said in the title, here's some picture of my first map/server. We're two on this map, but I am the only builder.
Another info', we are at September of Y2, with 30 days per month.


Here we have where I keep my animals. Fun thing, this building is quite «old», one of the first to be build, but only the roof have been remade from scratch.


And yep, foxes love killing all of my chicken. Hopefully, my bighorn was mostly preserved, even if we lost some of them.


The farmland. Nothing else to says, but I think it is really too big for only two people.



The «ominous» forge. Old build again, with the inside completely remade, not from scratch, so this is kind of cramped. When I build this, I was oblivious about the quantity of iron/steel we reach that fast.


As you can see, I please myself with the chisel.


Now the House, or Manor, or whatever you might call it... the first build I've made, even if it changed, and never finished (the roof's not done...), but I'm proud of it. We can see my apiaries, the lack of windows and the road.


And yes, pine plank are not the best in term of color... but eh, that's not horrible, at least.


Another angle of my House for the comparison with an older version of it.
Here the actual :


And now the older :


The actual's bigger, don't you think?

Other building have been build (strange sentence we have here) during all that playthrough, but... none was finished. Like my windmill. You might saw its base with the farmland picture, and really, that's all we have to see, I'm afraid.
A tower have been planned not long ago... unfinished, like so many other things. But, that's not because I lost fate or whatever! I wait, well we to be fair, for the next update for a new beginning, so now, I use that map for all of my test. The inside of the forge was one of them.

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I like clean chisel work, you did a nice job adding interesting details without making it opulent. And yeah if it's just two players you could easily go with a big field of flax/grain and a small veggie garden, or at least that's what I do! 😉 

The underpass on the new version of the house? I love it. I'm obsessed with underpasses, tunnels and stuff like that.

To keep the chicks safe, I started double-fencing their coops to keep wildlife at bay: I usually don't like to close chickens in a barn..

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Posted (edited)
On 7/3/2024 at 2:30 AM, Alder said:

The forge looks sick!! I also really like the roofing on the animal pen.

What are the mods you're using? Those beehives look so much nicer than the vanilla ones

About the mods I'm using, I will only list the visible ones.

The mod who add the apiaries.
The mod who add the fired clay mold.
The mod permitting to make useful chiselcraft.
And I forgot the one who add small stones bricks.

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