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I was going to make a comment on another thread but realised I had a few ideas beyond the scope of the discussion there, so rather than derailing that I thought I'd make a new thread.


Seasons update

  • Perhaps when seasons are added, a late-game farming utility could be some kind of greenhouse feature: i.e. the ability to build a room (with mostly glass, of course) surrounding a farm plot where temperature and humidity can be managed in a somewhat automatable (though resource-intensive) way. Perhaps it may be able to accelerate crop growth in seasons which benefit the crops within, and keep crops alive in seasons where they would otherwise die. If I were adding this myself (and honestly if it doesn't get added I might mod it in if I can figure out how), I would probably place it firmly within the iron age, so that players cannot easily rush for it to escape the need to stockpile food for winters.
  • Partly for the sake of heating the aforementioned greenhouse during colder seasons, and partly for keeping the player warm (assuming player temperature will become relevant to survival), some kind of early underfloor heating system akin to the Korean ondol or Roman hypocaust could be a welcome addition.



If more varieties of weapons ever get added, there are a few things I think would be interesting additions to spice up combat:

  • An atlatl (spear thrower) in the stone age could encourage throwing spears (and carrying around several at once on hunts for throwing), perhaps by slightly increasing how much damage a thrown spear does compared to throwing one without an atlatl (maybe a slight reduction of current thrown damage bonus as well as an increase to that when using the atlatl). As things are right now, the inconvenience of making and carrying several spears outweighs the added range from learning to throw them well (at least as far as my (admittedly limited) experience goes), so that feature is perhaps not as useful as it could be.
  • Offhand items to help with combat. The aforementioned atlatl could be an example of this. Another example could be shields, to add an opportunity to block damage.



  • A giant wooden door. And maybe a metal portcullis.
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