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Crimson Scholars Server

Maze Elwin

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The Crimson Scholars server is open to the public. Crimson Scholars is a small group of Multi gaming, MMO players dedicated to group play. 
Vintage Story is a new territory and we would love to see it grow! so we'll be hosting a 24/7 In house server (no random host crap)
The server is 5 terabytes and currently 36 dedicated ram to the VS server. 

Description: Gaming community, 24/7 server, Vanilla  

Server IP: vs.crimson-scholars.xyz
Discord: https://discord.gg/6Q4Z2Q7

Feel free to play the way you would like on this server, the only rules we would like you to follow~ same rules apply in our discord.
-Be respectful to others
-Don't hard troll, spamming or baiting.
-Don't post misleading information
-No nudity, sexual content, Gore or NSW stuff in general.
-No personal information

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