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Following some discussion on Discord, I have decided to put together a community resource library. This will be a content pack that will do nothing beyond adding generic resources (ores, items, etc.) for other mods to reference. The intention is to allow for plenty of cross-compatibility between mods and minimize duplicate resources (at least among mods which use this library); for example, if two different mod developers wanted to add a titanium ingot to the game and used this mod as a dependency, having both mods installed would mean that both of them have the same titanium ingot. While this can affect game balance if multiple mods have drastically different approaches to balancing, I think it is often more desirable to build in cross-compatibility as the default; this library should also mean that modders have to spend less time creating their own new copies of generic resources, and can focus their efforts on developing the unique features of their mods.

I am hoping to put out a preliminary release soon.

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