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Some Suggestions to Improve the Plumb+Square Reinforcement System


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Finer Granularity Over Reinforcement Group Access.

The current way that reinforcements are granted to groups doesn't entirely work for multiplayer play, because players need a fine degree of granularity over who get's access to what.
Currently using the /bre [grant/revoke] commands a player gives every single block/door/chest that they have ever reinforced over to a group or player. This does not work for good multiplayer play because there is not granularity over who gets access to what buildings/doors/chests. Currently, if there is a player on a server that I trust, but not *much*, I would be forced to give them use permissions to all of my chests, as opposed to giving them use permissions to just a small section of chests that don't have many valuables in them.
This also makes it difficult for some mods to work at scale, such as Collectible Exchange. If I have to give everyone in a group access to my Collectible Exchange chest, then I can't really sell anything using it, can I?
There should be a a way that allows a player to reinforce blocks to any group. It would change the group that the plumb and square reinforces to. A good way to implement this would probably be adding an F menu to the Plumb-and-Square, where you can type in the group that you want it to reinforce to. That group would then remain the group that the plumb reinforces to so long as it is in a players inventory and isn't changed again. This would make the plumb a bit more seamless than using a command.
If a command is the better option for the above, however, /bre [groupname] would be the preferred command.
The Ability to Automatically Reinforce/Bypass While Building With The Plumb and Square
Another suggestion that would improve the vanilla implementation of groups would be the ability to hold the Plumb-and-Square in the offhand to automatically reinforce (fortify) and bypass blocks. This allows players to build large builds faster. Currently this is fixed in the Abject Poverty Craft CivMods mod, but would probably greatly improve the system across all servers that choose to use the reinforcement system due to the player freedom it grants.
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