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FINE SMITHING: Locks, keys, jewellery, and watches (compasses?)

Mads Søby

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So i think fine smithing would be a fine addition. Maybe, call it tinkering.

It could be a small hammer, used in making locks and jewellery, plus:

- Keys: 

Having keys for different locks, and naming them. Made using a file tool.

 - File tool:

You assign the key to a lock, when combining the key and the lock in the crafting grid, using a file. Use it to break your own locks as well, if you loose the key (hammers and other stuff should work too). 
Also used in making jewellery.

Make key mold copies.

- Key rings:    (Instead of having no-stacking keys in your main inventory)

An extra bag slot, for the key ring. It works like a bag, but only for keys, and as long as you have the right key in your key ring, you can open the corresponding lock. 

(maybe also showing key rings on the avatar, with keys showing, indicating the player might have some kind of wealth/item locked away in a chest)
(or an option to show it: flexing + aesthetics?)

- Watches:

  - Screwdriver:
used in watches and compasses. 

  - Small gears:   (or just regular gears?)
made with the file tool, used in watches.   

  - Other components: quartz etc...

  - Might need a Temporal Gear? For the grind, or maybe for lore reasons? Im not sure what the whole temporal thing is about, but i imagine it has something to do with time being affected by this? So a watch might need a temporal gear.

Also: Find a cool way to represent time in images or symbols, maybe roman numbers, but not digits, since writing is also abstracted.

- Compass:

Made using -magnets+. I dont know too much about those, but imagine you could find magnetic metals somehow? 

(plus quartz, and maybe also a temporal gear?)

It would be cool if you could combine the compass & watch + a screwdriver in the crafting grid. Make them one item, so you would only need one hotbar slot to look at time + direction.
I also think such an item would look pretty cool in itself.

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