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Customizable sound emitters (Creative Mode)

Conquest of Blocks

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It would be great if you devs could add placeable sound emitters for admins/ creative mode.

Users/ Server admins could then place them wherever they want and define a path to a sound file (e.g. mp3, ogg etc), choose a radius and set flags like "loop", "onTrigger" etc. Also they should be triggerable with chat commands, something like "/trigger [triggername] [once/loop]". This would be useful e.g. if you have an arena and you want to play a fanfare to intruduce the gladiators. Custom dungeons could become more interesting through sound effects like screaming people, scaring ambient sounds and whatever not. Or if you have an server with a modern world and metropolitan cities, you could use sound emitters to play music coming out of peoples windows. So many possibilities.

With these emitters worlds could become more unique and interesting in general.


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Whilst I appreciate that this could be a useful tool to both map makers and server admins, having the ability to define a sound file opens the system up to a number of issues, namely:

  • How do you store the sound file? Is it included as part of the map file?
  • In multiplayer, do you host the sound file remotely, or is it passed from the server to other users? Peer-to-peer? Does it get transferred when you connect to the server, or when you need it?
  • What limitations should be on the file? If it's being transferred between players in multiplayer, should it be length-limited or size-limited?
  • How many sound files should be allowed to be attached to a server or map? If you're transferring them when the player connects, it could very easily make connection to the server a lengthy process.

And this is just the stuff off of the top of my head. Games like Gmod show that doing this is feasible, it's just whether or not it's worth the effort to implement anywhere in the near future.


I am, however, not against providing a sound producing block where you can choose from a library of existing in-game sounds, or perhaps some sounds made for the purpose.

This would be similar to Minecraft's note block, or Factorio's programmable speaker, which would alleviate the issues listed above. You could even make it so mods could be produced that just add more sounds to the library, allowing you to define your own sounds, albeit with a bit more work.

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