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Themepack Development question (texture bleed) **solved**


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I've been slowly chipping away at a x128 theme pack, but have run into an issue. As soon as I converted all of the base stone textures and logged into my test world I began to see texture bleed. I attempted to correct this by up-scaling the entire texture folder by 4 with no actual changes to an average size of 128x128 (smaller/larger images became 4x as well). This resulted in even more texture bleed. The resin pines are half invisible and nearly all the items have one form of glitch even if the blocks in-world don't.


Does anyone know which textures are not meant to scale or if I'm missing something obvious? If I could see the composite image the game is generating to load textures I could figure out which items are causing the offset, but have no idea how to get access to it. I had assumed the sheer number of individual files meant the game was loading each item separately from a database, but apparently not (which is good from the memory standpoint).


Apparently this is caused by exceeding the "maxTextureAtlas" width and height as managed from AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\clientsettings.json... so that's one problem solved. I can continue to bash my  head against other walls...



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