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Hello again!, I have made several advancements in playing the game and I have been thoroughly been impressed by the game. I know I have recently been answered on another of my lore questions I had and yes I understand the nuts and bolts are currently what is being concentrated on with my fullest agreement on that. My question today is, why is the protagonist blue? Just this alone sparks my imagination and has me fascinated by the game like never in a long time. A sense of mystery and wonder! But exploring the ruins, digging quite literally under the surface I found a secret part of that ruin. I found and read the first scroll and it was disturbing and fascinating all at once. Even this talk of sundered kings of a past time seem curious when looking at purchasing clothing from the traders. Again, I can't stress this enough. You guys need far more lore but I understand there is a process in development. Can't go disturbing your delicate process! sorry for my rambling. But yes, the blueness of my person has me FASCINATED... just why.

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