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Honey buckets can hold much more than 10 liters


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When I hold a honey bucket with e.g. 1 liter of honey in my hand and right click on another on the floor that holds 10 liters, the one in my hand has afterwards 10,75 liters and the one on the ground 0,25 liters. The other way around - putting honey from my hand into a bucket on the ground - works as expected.

I made a few tests up to 3 L, where I always have a bucket with 10 Liters of honey on the ground and different amounts in my hands:

  • 0,25 L - 1 L: 0,25 L remain in the bucket on the ground
  • 1,25 L - 2 L: 0,5 L remain in the bucket on the ground
  • 2,25 L - 3 L: 0,75 L remain in the bucket on the ground

A bucket in my hand, when filled from other buckets or barrels while pressing "shift", can hold as much as 39,25 L of honey.

By looking at these numbers I would guess "liter" and "units of honey" got mixed up somewhere.


VC version 1.13.4 - Windows 10

Reproducible in different worlds

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