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Different action types for mouse click-and-holds


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I am not sure if this is a suggestion or a bug. When I click on a block to break it and an animal runs between me and the block or waits behind the block, I accidentally hit it and it becomes aggressive. It is nearly never my intention to hit an animal when I began breaking blocks (or the other way round). Also, if I wring honey into a bucket and finish wringing the last piece, the slot is empty for a moment and I am still right clicking on the bucket. So the game decides that I obviously want to take the bucket into my hand. This also is usually not intended.

I wanted suggest a distinction between action types. One mose-click-and-hold can only perform one action type. If I want to do anything else, I have to release the mouse button and click it again. So, when I start to break a block, breaking blocks is the only action I can do as long as I continue holding the mouse button. If an animal moves between me and the block, nothing happens. If it moves away again, I continue breaking the block. I won't accidentally hit the animal. Or if I attack a drifter with a knife, I won't accidentally cut grass.

As possible types I at least think of: "breaking blocks", "attacking entities", "take items", "interacting with items". There may be some more.

The action "breaking blocks" would mean blocks in general, not a certain type of block. Maybe there could be a distinction between a block the currently used tool is intended for and other blocks (I especially think of accientally breaking tall grass with a shovel while actually removing some dirt), but I am not sure if this is needed.

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