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Cooking progress is not updated on cold fire


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When I cook a meal or melt nuggets, I try to minimize the used firewood and use the remaining heat of the pot. It regularly happens that the fire cools down until it is cold again while the meal is still cooking or the nuggets are smelting. When the fire is cold, the progress arrow and pot temperature are not updated anymore.


  1. Place 4 x 6 carrots in a pot
  2. Add exactly one firewood
  3. Ignite and wait until the fire is cold again. The meal will still cook (about 2/3 finished). The progress bar won't move any further. When you close the fire window and open it again, the meal temperature is not shown anymore.
  4. If you wait longer, the meal is suddenly finished after a while
  5. Optionally: if you add some firewood e.g. 10 seconds after the fire got cold, the progress bar jumps to the current progress and is updated again.

VC v1.13.4 - Windows 10

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