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Clay in Deserts


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The Problem: There is no clay deposits in super arid, scorching hot worlds.

  1. There is no way to advance to iron, as there is literally no fireclay anywhere.
  2. The only way to obtain blue clay is by panning. There is a 1/55 chance of obtaining clay from panning, each pan takes roughly 10 seconds, and 55 clay is needed for molds for just smelting. This means one would need to pan continuously for 8 hrs 20 minutes. Exploring a desert is fun. Staring at the same gravel patch for 8 hrs is not.

Solution: Fireclay needs to be obtainable in non-temperate conditions.

  • Claystone sand and gravel are already in the game. 44% of the word claystone is clay. Panning claystone could have a high chance of giving fireclay.
  • Fireclay deposits could have a small spawn chance in deserts, the same way dry salt lakes do.
  • Surface ruins could have a chance of spawning with fireclay deposits under them, instead of bony soil.
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