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Climbing rope


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When I explore steep caves, I usually use ladders to climb down. When I climb up again, I cannot take the ladders with me because I am always higher than the ladder I want to take down. I have to leave them in the cave and they are basically lost. If I explore many caves, ladders become expensive in the long run.

With a climbing rope (or a rope ladder) you could climb in caves and take it back afterwards.

A rope has a length (e.g. 32 blocks). If you attach it to a block, it unrolls automatically until it hits a block underneath or unrolls completely. In order for it to unroll, it must be attached to the side of a block.

It can only ever unroll downwards. Unlike ladders, you cannot build a standing rope upwards.

You can climb the rope in the same way as on a ladder.

If you remove the rope, it drops directly into your inventory, so it won’t fall down the cave. You can take it down at any place (e.g. also at the lower end).

With such a climbing rope you could explore caves, take your equipment back afterwards and move on to the next cave. That would also fit to the reality aspect. I wouldn't install ladders for quickly exploring a cave or climbing up a steep hill. I would use ladders for a cellar or for a frequently used mine.

With a climbing rope you can save a lot of ladders. So, it should be accordingly expensive, e.g. 3 x 32 flax twines. You might also need a metal anchorage for the rope so that you can attach it to blocks like rocks at all. With an anchorage you could also place it at the bottom of a block. At the end it should be expensive enough that you can use it for explorations in the later game but you would still use ladders for permanent installations.

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