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New server 16 slot - pve - land claims - North America and active community

John Koury

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Hey all,

Long time ark server host looking for players. My buddy and I have hosted many ark and other servers from home... It's somewhat of a hobby of ours. Well we are now addicted to this game and wanted to provide a server for our enjoyment and yours.

We want to build a kingdom!

 All of the hosting is done in house on my server computer so I have complete control and don't have to pay monthly.  We are both admins and can assist if y'all need help. Very low lag!

I have done this same thing with ark, Terraria, Conan exiles, 7 days to die and we'll now, it's time for this one! whatever we like to play at the time we make a server for and let other people join.  We have a great community of other server hosts and the best part is that we support all games!

Make sure you claim land, We don't make any rules that we can enforce using the game itself so if somebody comes and blows up your stuff without you claiming it that's on you.

Server Name - [SG] Stomping Grounds


Discord = https://discord.gg/ka4dbp9

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