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Possible Quality of Life Improvements after 150 hours of gameplay.

William Huang

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I apologize ahead of time if some of these things have been mentioned already.  I tried searching in the forum first to see if anyone mentioned it before but I might've missed them.  So here is a list of things that I personally felt could enhance the game mechanics.

Toggle auto-walk:  It seems like a lot of the survival games that make gamers trek far and wide don't include the auto-walk feature (the one exception I can think of is fallout 4).  Maybe it's meant to be more immersive but in terms of accessibility, it's not friendly to people prone to carpal tunnel.  The game is meant to be grindy and expect players to spend many hours playing it, I think it would be very considerate to offer this option.

Toggle one-click mine (per block) using Tool mode on Pickaxe:  this is also related to carpal tunnel issue.  Mining in this game tends to be a lot of prospecting, digging many shafts in close vicinity, and just a lot of rock mining in general.  Having to hold the button down for long period of time is pretty stressful on the finger.  If there is a tool mode that allows one click mining per block (still takes same amount of hits to the block, just not holding down the button), my index finger and I will greatly appreciate the consideration.

Holding a bowl of meal displays a preview of how much hunger bar will be filled (and how much left in bowl):  While I don't really mind having to calculate the amount of satiety that will add to my 1500 hunger bar.  I can imagine how that can be a hassle to others who don't want to bother with the calculation itself (especially if you have a mix of protein, fruit, and vegetable).  It does bug me from time to time when I count slightly off and I get a 1% - 3% left of food in the bowl that will take up one additional inventory space.  If it is a big meal, then you will have to wait a while before you can finish that 3% of food.  Alternatively, maybe a way to dump the leftover meal on the ground (?).

Big meal buff icon indicator with timer: While I am on the subject of that, it would be really nice to know how long this buff lasts.  

Worked Item (ingot) should be cancellable if it hasn't been worked:  It didn't make sense to me how an ingot is 'worked' if I haven't touch it?  Sometimes when I am mass-producing chains or what not, I might misplace an ingot or two on the anvil that gets accidentally turned into worked item.  But just one miss click result in having to put it back in crucible or worse, the bloomery, seems too severe of a punishment in my opinion.  

Chipping away leftover metal bits from completed worked item shouldn't allow user to chip away completed portion: Let's face it, it's pretty frustrating when you are done with a complicated worked item just to accidentally chip away one piece in the blueprint while not having additional metal to fill it in.  I wouldn't find this an issue if the hammering isn't delayed when you click on the piece you want to manipulate.  But often times, when you click on a piece, and if your cursor moves just slightly off afterward, you end up chipping away the piece next to the desired piece.  I would suggest either shorten the delay between clicking and actually hammering, or allow completed pieces to be locked in place so it reduces accident.  It's painful enough to craft 8 chains for one piece of chainmail, I don't feel it's necessary to torture the gamers further.

Hot Key for equipping designated armor set in inventory:  One thing I love about this game is how armor affects your stats and movement, it adds another layer of immersion.  I find myself constantly taking them off when there is no danger nearby and putting them on when I am delving or near wolves.  While taking the armor off is pretty easy since you just need to shift click them in your character screen, but putting them on is quite unintuitive.  You can either 1) put them on your hot bar and right click them individually or, 2) manually drag them one at a time from inventory screen to character screen.  I propose adding a way to assign head / chest / leg gear as 'designated' so when you press a hot key, they would all be equipped instead of having to fish them in your inventory.

---- 11/20/2020 ---- (new)

Treasure maps that point to shallow loots: I played on spectator mode for a little bit (because I ran out of things to do on the current stable build) and discovered there are shallow loots littered in the world that are couple blocks deep and occupies 1x1 or 1x2 space.  There is absolutely no indication to how one might discover it except if you painstakingly excavate like a 100x5x100 area.  Even then, you might not find it.  These shallow loots are usually a broken chest or treasure chest couple with a few scrap metals / gears on the side and they looked like they are deliberately buried.  It would make exploration that much more fun if you can find treasure maps in ruins and go do some treasure hunting along the way.

Individual mini HUDs on map that display visited traders' buy/sell item info (or in-game notebook):  Initially this wasn't an issue.  I only discovered three traders then and they were all in close(ish) vicinity.  If I forget what metal the desired tool was made of, I can quickly visit the trader again.  But as I find more and more traders on the map, this became quite daunting. I propose allowing that buy/sell info to be more accessible via map HUD.  Once you visit a trader and open that trade window for the first time, the map should generate a small HUD on that location.  When gamer clicks on it (or mouseover), it shows the current trade window but mute the buy/sell button.  Of course, that trade info should only update when player visits the trader again.  Alternatively, in-game notebook (as mentioned in previous post) would work just as well.

Thank you for your time~  Hope you have a great day :D


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