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Quartz & New Block & Rock


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Rock, Quartz, Stone block's:
Add more color Quartz: Blue quartz(Light blue), Citrine(Yellow)
Add also new "quartz ore"(Pink, Ametisth, Standart-Milk, Smoth..) and so that quartz crystals of a certain color grow only on quartz of their own color.
Сrystals grow not only inside voids in quartz but also outside in the voids of caves.
Grow Crystal - If there is water above a block of quartz ore, then a crystal will grow under it over time. But there is a chance that after the growth of the crystal ore exhausted.

Add Sand and Gravel generation in cave.

Add new block:
Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar + Glue/Resin + Sanded plank/board = analogy "Quatz" block
Block/Brick/Pillar/ from Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar
More Cobblestone from resurses: Quartz/Ametyth/Lapis/Fluorite/Olivine/Peridote/Diamond/Emerald/Cinnabar
Add Sand/Gravel for: Marble( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thasos )
Add new block "Sandstone" for all block "Rock" which have sand. Physically like a stone but more fragile and texture has more grain.
"Metal" Nugget block - Craft: 40-80 Nugget's + Hammer + Glue/Resin
"Metal" Nugget cobble stone - Craft: 40-80 Nugget's + Clay
Polished "Metal" Nugget - Craft: Nugget block + Sanded plank/board
Smooth "Metal" Nugget - Craft: Polished Nugget block → Firepit
Transparent cobblestone - Craft: Clear Quartz/Olivine/Fluorite/Ametyth + Glue/Resin
Clear transparent cobblestone glass - Craft: transparent cobblestone(Quartz/Olivine/Fluorite/Ametyth) → Bloomery
New Rock:
Serpentinite(Green like Periodit) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serpentinite
Jasperoid - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasperoid
Jadeite, Nephrite, Cuprite(Red) - Have big chance to Malachite. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuprite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephrite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jadeite

Quartzite: Pink, Pink-yellow, Purple/Amethyst, Red-white, White, Red, Cream/Yellow, Red, Scarlet/Brown, Green, Black, Gray, Blue  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartzite Break Quartzite you have chance to get Quartz and big chance to found quartz deposits
Quartzite can be processed in "Firepit " by making it smoother (Melting quartz particles). 2 "Quartzite sand" melted into glass at Bloomery.
Quartzite blocks(Brick, Cobblestone, Rock) will expand the palette of blocks for builders.
More wood block's:
Add logs block that is surrounded on all sides by bark and add more form tree. Also, when you change this block with a chisel, the bark is preserved, thus you can make a tree of any shape
Stripped log - Make a craft log without bark(And also getting bark for crafting) - Oak bark can also be used for tanning leather, and the resulting log can be cut into firewood or boards.
Aged "Name Tree" plank/board/log - Make all variations of old planks and logs. Change "Aged" color from green to dull gray-brown and rename all "Aged" to "Aged Oak". Craft: Make a temporal mechanism that allows you to age objects.
Rot plank/board/log - Rotten boards have a dark green color compared to the original. Craft in Barrel: 0.1-1 portion of water for 4 boards or 1 plank/1 log
Rotten plank/board/log - This board has an extremely rotten look if you step on it or fall, then the block will be destroyed and you can avoid the destruction of the block by holding "Slow walk"(Shift). Used in ruin/dungeons as a trap. Craft in Barrel: 0.2 portion of water for 4 rot boards or 1 rot plank/1 log.
Waxed plank/board/log - They have a saturated color than normal color plank/board/log. Also, these boards should be used for certain crafting(For example wooden beehives). - Craft: Bee Wax + 2 plank/8 board/2 log(Also Aged)
Dry/Smoked wood - The color becomes dull and similar to aged but more gray. Craft: Plank/board/log is hung over the fire and becomes dry. This wood can be found in desert: dead trees & ruins.
Firing plank/board/log - Fire treated wood the color becomes darker or black. - Craft: plank/board/log(Also Aged) in firepit. This wood can be found in "Wildfire" biomes and unlike "Burnt" has foliage and can be found in "Burnt ruins".
Burnt plank/board/log - The wood will look like coals - Craft: Firing plank/board/log(Also Aged) in firepit. This wood can be found in "Wildfire" biomes and can be found in "Burnt ruins".
Sanded plank/board, Sanded Stripped log - Lightens the wood texture. - "Firing Wood"(Black wood)+Sanded="Sanded Firing wood"(Grey wood), Burnt wood+Sanded=Firing wood - For Sanded need "Emery paper/cloth" or "Sandpaper" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emery_(rock) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandpaper
Example birtch plank's:

Farm/Wood Update:
Reduce "Rot" requirement for "Composting" 64 to 32 Ok "v1.14.0-pre.7": but doubled compost yield
Add "Terra preta" craft: Compost + 16/32 Rot + (4 Peat + 1 Lime) + ? Fertilizers(Bonemeal/Saltpeter)=2 "Terra preta"

Add more Fertilizers:
"Name" Ash - Craft: Log, Board, Plank, Stick, Rot, Hay/straw, Slate, Peat in firepit OR as a result of use as a fuel is given as an additional material.
Volcanic ash - Obtained by destroying a new block of volcanic ash. Found on the surface of volcanic biomes. New weather "Ash fall" which occurs near volcanoes and creates layers of ash and falling ashes on the farmland, he fertilizes them.
Ash block - Make biomes where the "Wildfire" occurred and where ash and burnt trees remained. Craft Ash Block: 8-16 ash.
"Name" Potash - Craft: Ash + Water(5 day's) or Boil + Ash. Craft in real life: 3/4 Ash in iron bucket + hot water and put on the stove/firepit, after boiling water put on hold for 5 days and pour the liquid into a pot so that the water completely boils away and you get Potash.
Ash has its own characteristics for each type of "material burned". Ru Wikipedia: Pine firewood K 10—12% P 4—6% C 30—40%, Spruce firewood K 3—4% P 2—3% C 23—26%, Wheat straw K 9—18% P 3—9% C 4—7%, Rye straw K 10—14% P 4—6% C 8—10%, Peat K 0,5—5% P 1—7,0% C 15—26%, Slate K 0,5—1,2% P 1—1,5% C 36—48% - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Зола

If a farmland is abandoned for a long time and has full minerals it will become ground. And u can destroy grond and GROUND drop!
Growing flowers/bush - By planting flowers/bush on the farmland, they will create new flowers/bush after a while. This process can be accelerated if there are bees nearby.
Add irrigation system. Make water-pump station which works from mechanical energy and if there is a water source under it, then he uses it to supply water into pipes. These pipes can be raised above Farmland or on top of them without interfering with planting.

For some plants, add mandatory pollination. In reality, some plants do not produce crops without pollination.(Butterflies, Bees, Flies)

More Hay block's and drop hay/straw from cereals using scythe: Hay(Rice) Green, Hay(Rey) yellow, Hay(Flax) light green, Hay(Spelt) Yellow-white similar to current block "Hay(Bamboo)". Add hay stair(For roof) and half-block.

Alternative to Resin in craft is "glue". Bone glue(Boiling: Bonemeal), Fish glue(Boiling: Fish Bones, Head's, Scales), Skin glue(Leather). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_glue

Wooden tap - Used for sap/resin in a larger volume.  By installing a clay pot under it, you can automatically extract even more.
Pine Resin - It is obtained in larger volumes than other types of plants.
Birch sap: Together with the resin, birch has sap. In Russia and Belarus it is quite common. Unlike Maple, almost all birch trees give sap. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birch_sap
Maple sap(Sugar maple sap) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_syrup
Add Speed up for: "Knive Cutting", "Hoe Plow", "Cleaver instantly kill", "Scythe", "Scissors", with better quality material (Stone/Copper slower than iron).
Add Progress Bar for: "Knive Cutting", "Hoe Plow", "Teleportation"(For Static Teleporter, and Teleport), "Cleaver instantly kill", "Pour metal from crucible", "Panning"...
Add more durability for Hoes, Axe & Scythe so that they are 2-2.5 times durability than pickaxe.



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