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Starting a new beautiful village and looking for construction workers and future inhabitants :)

Conquest of Blocks

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This topic may be used by anyone that is looking for people that are interested to be part of an town/village and an community within a server world.


So we are not looking for hermits here (although these are welcome on our server "Conquest of Blocks" as well).

We got a very neat spawn town called "King's Landing", but since this one is claimed by the server to prevent the forces of evil from destroying our hard work (regular players are able to modify on request though), we are now looking for folks that like to help us to build up a new community/village somewhere else in the world, in which you'll have full access right from the beginning on. You do not have to apply, just join us and be part of our server, which is well maintained and always expanding. You'll have 4 times as much claimable land mass to build on than on an 100% vanilla server.

You do not need to be an building artist - you only have to have the will to come online once in a while and be part of something nice.

Join us on Discord if you're interested, we got live support, a voice chat, a marketplace and much more.


Server IP:

Server Name: Vintage Story Online: Conquest of Blocks

Discord: https://Discord.io/vintagestoryonline

Before you join, download and install the mod pack from here: https://www.vintagestory.online/pages/downloads

(vanilla friendly mods, mostly additions such as rope bridges, trade-o-mat, fishing etc)



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On 12/5/2020 at 7:17 AM, Toomuchsheep said:


I would love to join as multiplayer sounds appealing to me after understanding the basics. I am still fairly new to be honest. What is the procedure?


Edit: the discordlink does not work anymore.

Hi. Are you sure the link is not working? Should be a permanent invite. What does it say?

Regarding procedure: You just join and have fun. We got very helpful players and you may ask either in-game or in our discord "newbie" section for any help you need. We already got a very nice spawn town, but since this one is protected agains grief and destruction, some players just like to build an village where you'd have all the rights right from the start (in spawn town you first have to earn your rights to modify). If you join, you just begin to plan the village together with the others and build what comes into your mind. We require an medieval/vintage theme though.

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