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Creating a scenario


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Hi folks, super-old Clonker here if anyone happens to remember 🙂

I really loved the look & feel of the game and jumped right to the editor to try and create my own map. Now I'd like to create a simple treasure hunt scenario, where you start out in a lonely cave, have to work yourself out, and find the treasure, which I would have hidden somewhere buried in the map with clues hidden on the surface (via signposts or NPCs or some other form of writing; not sure yet what is available). The idea is that players can download it, would start in the pre-defined location with pre-defined materials and can then just play it either in single player or multiplayer to try and find the treasure. Once the treasure is found, the player gets a firework and the game ends.

However, I'm not sure if this is even an intended / possible way of creating content? All mods I see are for items. There doesn't seem to be a "map" or "scenario" section, and also no scenario selection dialog (would you have to create it as a template?). Does anyone know if this would even make sense, and if it can be created right now?

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