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Crock Spoilage Bug


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I often have crocks that get low on their spoilage timer, but when I click on them with a bowl to remove a portion of food, the timer on the crock gains a bit of a bonus. It's not usually a ton of time, but a crock with 5 hours left to spoil might jump to 18 hours after I do nothing but remove one serving of food.

This can also happen when the crock has started to spoil. I just removed a serving of food from a crock that was 5% spoiled. The food I received was not spoiled, and the crock's timer changed to show that it had about 8 hours to go until it started to spoil.

I'm not able to really tell if this is just some kind of desync between the displayed time and the actual spoil time, or if the spoil timer itself is getting changed when I remove servings of food.

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