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How to Install Mods on a Server with G-Portal?

Warlord Knight

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Recently i've bought this game for me and a few of my friends! However I appear to be having an issue regarding modding. Me and my main friend I play with really wanted to add more armaments and structural buildings for the medieval era, so we got a couple mods to do this! problem is, is that on the G-Portal server, it has no obvious way of modding or adding files in, or i'm just passing over it. If anyone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!


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The answer to this I've finally found out!
So, you need to download the client-version of FileZilla, and your mods.
Open FileZilla, and go to the FTP data in the 'status' tab (just scroll down) in G-Portal
Now, on the top of FileZilla, enter each thing it tells you in order to access it, username, password, port, and hostname. This will connect you to the server files
All you need to do now, is open the mods folder in server files, and slap the .zip files of the mods in there! (DO NOT UNZIP THE MOD FILES! Just put them in there, it'll be A-okay!)

You need to have everyone who plays on this server have the files for the mods downloaded so they work.
Have fun! Good luck, survivors!

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