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Butchering, kilns and North !

Mony Clair

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Hello guys.

I'm Mony Clair, french player on TFC since 2 years now. And since this 2 years I totaly stopped Minecraft for this awesome mod. I have a youtube channel with some french tutorials about TFC and thats all ...

But this game can be more improved, for a better realism and maybe more original content ... And I have a few exemples for this :

- Butchercraft, a mod for a more reallist way of hunting, and butchering meat.

I think that's something that's missing a lot in TFC. A cow dont give only steaks and his hide. And its can provide a lot of differents recipes for coocking.


-Pottery kiln

I guess a lot of you are using mods like terramisk for the potery kiln ... But using fire clay is absolutely not the same way to craft a kiln. In midle age they was using pots, or brokens pots to build huge kiln. And I think we can adds some differents type of kiln. The undergroung kiln I think every-ones know in TFC, the mud kiln (using mud and thatch), the clay kiln, the stone bricks kiln (using basalt, dacite, granit ... only ingeneous rocks) and the fire-clay kiln (with graphite and kaolinit mixed to the clay).


- I think the high latitude can be improved ...

In the alps you can find some dwark oaks ... They are only 1 meters talls and seems like buches. Same on the french Island of Saint-Pierre and Miquelons on Canadians coast. On the Swalbard Island there is a really small tree.    And a huge diversity of flowers on these frozen fields. I dont have more ideas right now, but be sure there is a lot to do ^^








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