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1.14.2 Windows Installation/startup issues


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1. Default Installation in User's AppData folder fails if using non-Admin account + UAC to elevate privileges to run the installation. The install is going in the Appdata folder of the Admin account rather than of the original user. This also causes windows defender to popup a warning saying that it "protected your system". Recommend using Windows standard of \Program files, and use AppData for saves/user credentials. Or alternatively, use \ProgramData for game files or for the entire installation. If you must put everything in Appdata it should be for the original user who invoked UAC, not for the admin account.  Default installation should encourage good security practices (not playing games or connecting to the internet as Admin)  and not fail for users who practice them.

2. If installed in admin users AppData folder, non-admin user can't run the game. See above. Throws an access denied error.

Both of the above can be worked around by manually changing the default installation folder.  But whatever benefit you want from using AppData is lost if the program doesn't work from that location and the user has to put the game in a different location. You might as well conform to Windows standards and remove some installation glitches.

3. Game defaults to full-screen mode and mouse cursor doesn't display in fullscreen mode. Keyboard tab key worked to select controls, but Enter key didn't count as a click to activate control, so I had to kill the process. Eventually had to use the mouse "blind" to select Windowed mode, which properly displays the mouse cursor.  Options for solution/workaround: a) setting for hardware vs. software mouse cursor typically solves the lack of a cursor in fullscreen mode. b) start in windowed mode by default, c) add an initial settings screen/main menu in a window that allows the user to get to the settings without flying blind, even if fullscreen mode is selected.

PS Not a bug, but once I finally got a game started, I was at the top of a snowy peak  freezing. I still don't know if it was the frost or the fall damage that finally killed me.  If this wasn't a particularly bad RNG, at least now I know what I'm getting into. :)

- hat tip to Valen "Mischief of Mice" for pointing me to this game.with his stream/VOD series.

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