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[WHITELISTED] Saltpoint Lakes RP


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Logo art by Vilderos

A new server opens it's doors to the Vintage Story roleplay community! Saltpoint Lakes is the perfect place for writers, creatives, and anyone with a story to tell! We are a roleplay server, which means that everyone must submit a character on our discord in order to be whitelisted, and all interactions in-game will be in-character. We are accepting of those new to roleplay, so long as you're eager and willing to learn!


- Proximity-based chat for IC interactions.

- All mods are included in a server pack, so you can just download one .zip and drag-and-drop. We also have a server launcher that will skip the process of downloading mods in the works.

-Server-exclusive mods and a small but talented team of modders working on projects for the server.

-16 player slots, with the ability to upgrade higher as long as performance permits.

-An active community. 10+ players are often online during peak hours, and the server is rarely empty.

-Roleplay helpers on the discord to aid new roleplayers in learning the ropes, as well as general helpers for any questions related to playing the game and rule clarification.

-Beautiful survival world with a small, expanding town built by the players primarily in survival. (The Lazy River Inn in New Saltpoint was started in creative with limitations on materials used). View our picture album HERE.

-A server youtube channel with recordings of important events, such as mayoral campaign speeches, which can be found HERE.

-Ability to spread out and start new towns.

- No temporal storms or stability. We believe these detract from the roleplay experience.

- Longer days and nights, slower food spoilage and hunger rate, and longer months to give players more time in the day to RP.

- A soft permadeath system in which death leaves players with the choice of either ending that character permanently and making a new one, or acting it out as if they had been found and taken to safety by someone else. Inventory is kept for continuity purposes.

-Jobs and roles with the freedom to create your own roles and have up to three roles at once.

-A basic law system, with the ability to break the law, rob banks, steal, etc. provided you have an in-character reason, with in-roleplay consequences. Land claims disabled to make stealing more viable, if you have valuable items you can use reinforced blocks. Sheriff investigates crimes and performs arrests. We have a mod that logs item accesses to make this viable.

-A jail with possibility of jail breaks if you're creative enough to escape!

-A basic financial system, with coins being minted and distributed by a banker, and the ability to buy and sell items using Trade-o-Mat mod, or barter if you have no coins.

-A system for adding and polling new mods for the server.

- A fun and friendly community of other creatives just like you!


Taken by Lovelorn.


-Ancient Tools
-Carry Capacity 
-Rope Bridges 
-Primitive Survival 
-Wild Farming (modified)
-Expanded Foods
-Farm Life

-Plus a few server-side mods which you don't need to download, but provide important functionalities, such as BASIC's RP modification of the Proximity Chat mod by Capsup.


If this sounds like your type of server, feel free to join our discord and get to work on your character! We look forward to seeing you around Saltpoint Lakes!

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Server is being reset. Fresh start for everyone.

See main post for more details.


On 3/9/2021 at 9:01 AM, Slaad said:

How do you guys have Prox chat? Is that a mod?

Yes! It's a server-side mod, requires no download from players. Apologies for the very late response, I don't check the forums all that often. I'm not 100% sure where that link is though, I might need to do some digging to find it again...let me know if you're still interested in it.

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