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Chisel and etc on an already created map

David Inman

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I tried using a chisel and it only explodes the block. Somehow I think it has to be enabled but I don't know how to do it.
I've looked through the wiki but there's just so much and it's hard for someone like me that doesn't really savvy

how these programs work to figure out how to tweak. Has anyone made an easy to follow guide how to take advantage

of all the things possible in Vintage Story? Or something like that, you know "For Dummies"??:)
Thanks for any help.

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Make sure you right click the block first with chisel in hand. You'll know it's chisel ready when the hitbox changes from the whole block to individual voxels.

Use "/worldconfig microblockChiseling                                      [off|stonewood|all]" to enable/disable.

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