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Methods to Find Temperature? (Vintuition?)


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(Preface: I have 0 idea how difficult this would be to implement and whether or not it would affect other systems that are already in game. I think thermometers are also a little bit outside of the technological scope of this game, iirc they're more of a mid-late 1800s invention)

Since temperature and weather are a bit of an important mechanic, seeing as how harsh winters can affect your crops, your health and the wildlife, it'd be nice to have ways to determine them without being un-immersive. Maybe just typing some prompt into the chat would give you a general 'feel' for the weather , and the more you experience these conditions the more accurate your judgement can become, maybe even being able to predict the weather for the following days, within some margin of error, and grant some farmer's wisdom.

For flavour, maybe day 1 stuff:

Raining for the first time "Is that water falling from the sky? How could such a thing even happen?"

5-20C "I guess it's kind of cold? It's not that bad actually."

20C+ "I'm sweaty and my feet hurt."

0C and below "The inside of my mouth freezes a little every time I breathe in."

Temporal Storm "WHAT"

After a year or two in game you could type the prompt in chat and see:

15-20C "This balmy weather is revitalizing and I see no end of it anytime soon."

25-30C+ before it rains "It is very hot and humid, I ought to be expecting rain in the coming days."

Wearing light clothing at below 0C on a windy day  "My breath turns to ice. The frozen gales lash out at my skin."

-2 to -5C (I think) "It's too cold for anything other than tubers to grow in this frozen soil."

Either that or looking at some dirt outside should tell you what temperature it is exactly since I can look at a glowing ingot of bronze and know how hot it is to the exact degree as well as knowing the nutritional composition of some tilled soil at a glance.

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