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#gamekey mail question/feature request

Frithjof Grude

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Disclaimer: This request isn't for me (I already bought the game), but might help others.

Issue: My game key contained special characters. Specifically a slash ("/"). This effected that I couldn't just double-click on it to select it. I had to manually select it with the mouse, which is clunky. Besides just making it not that clear cut (if you're clueless) what is part of the key and what is not.

Suggestion: I initially thought of using a different encoding than base64 but saw all sorts of issues arising from a game key encoding change. But perhaps it would be appropriate to enhance the characters of the key with a bigger/fatter font weight and maybe a different background color? Bright yellow?

Anyhow, I'm about to jump into the game for the first time!

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