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Geothermal Insanity - Underground Temp Changes

Boten Red Wolf

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Ever been absolutely meters underground but still freezing? Wanted to build an underground cave house, but still too cold to do anything? This provides some geothermal heating mechanics. Simply put, if you're underground, the temperature will be a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius, and will increase as you go deeper, peaking at or above 50 degrees at the mantle.


Known issues in development:

  • Requires client has mod installed locally or temperature reading on HUDs will be inaccurate (confirmed); player MAY go hypothermic (unconfirmed).
  • Release v1.1.0 maintains requirement for client-side install and will announce such on server join due to above issue, but will work as described when installed as such.
  • Swimming in deep water also produces warm environment. Will likely be fixed in a future release.

Available on GitHub and ModDB.




Big thank you to Quixjote and goxmeor for helping with code! This mod is part of an in-development story-based server we're working on, but I figure some of y'all might want to use it too.

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