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A suggestion regarding digital privacy.


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On the homepage of Vintage Story, a small block of text reads "No marketplace. No loot boxes. No microtransactions. No paid DLC. No hidden fees. No pay2win. No ads. No user data monetization. No software patents. No shareholders. No publisher. No 3rd party interests." (sic). I would primarily note the "no user data monetization" line in this, as I'm very glad to see a video game respecting digital privacy when so many disregard it. However, I've noticed an irony in that the website itself uses the privacy violating Google Analytics platform. In addition, the Vintage Story privacy policy states that "The analysis of your surfing behavior is usually anonymous; the surfing behavior can not be traced back to you." (sic). Considering the business model for Google Analytics, I have trouble believing this.

I hereby recommend that Vintage Story's management remove Google Analytics and any other privacy invasive software from anything within the game's domain, as privacy is undoubly important in the modern world, now more than ever, and not doing so would be a mistake in my opinion. For why, I recommend consulting a search engine, as countless others have detailed reasons why; my personal recommendation for learning why would be https://thenewoil.xyz/ . I understand that user analytics for example to see how many users visit the site is useful, but they can be acquired without the use of privacy invasive analytics software (for instance the Matomo anonymous analytics software).

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