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ChARDIS - initial release!


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"It's bigger on the inside."

Download and Source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/615

This mod adds a large, searchable, expandable single-block storage system to the game.



The default recipe takes 2 temporal gears (top left, top right), 2 lapis (middle left, middle right), 8 boards of any kind (center), and 3 metal scraps across the bottom.



Use like any normal inventory. The number of slots available starts out at 64 and can be expanded in increments of 16. These are both configurable.

The ChARDIS can be expanded by installing more temporal gears. To do so, simply right click a placed ChARDIS with a temporal gear. There is no hard limit on the number of gears that can be installed at this point.


ChARDIS can be configured by placing a file called ChardisModConfig.json in your ModConfig folder. On first run, a file will be generated for you with the defaults.


Set this to the item to use for upgrades. Default: game:gear-temporal


Set this to the slots the item starts out with. Default: 64


Set this to the number of additional slots to add per upgrade. Default: 16


I am no artist. If you would like to help improve the look of anything or provide translations, please send me a PR on GitHub or contact me on the Vintage Story Discord (my name is MsChelstastic.)

Bugs & Features

Please feel free to create an issue on GitHub. If you're reporting a bug, please be as specific as you can be and include a stack trace if applicable.

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I had missed such an apt mod.
It is a mod that deserves to be buried.

This storage seems a bit too cheaply made.
It would be nice to be able to change the recipe for making it in the settings.
If it could be found in ruins or something, it would be interesting and a reason to explore.

However, when placed, it may stand out a bit in the Vintage Story world.
It may fit with the world view if the material requested in the creation is limited to old boards, and the appearance of the board material is also old.

This is one of the mods I am looking forward to using once the 1.17 stable version comes and the mod is supported.
So I've added the Japanese language files to Github.😃

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