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Questin about corrupted save files


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Just got one of my save files to corrupted, it wont show table names (checked with sqlite) is there anything to do or is it lost. Checked also working save file and it shows tables correctly.

EDIT: this was quite modded save, tried to load without mods but wont help...

Tried repair mode also tho it wont help because no tables found. 

EDIT: Actually there is tables showing, copied original file before I run that recovery to it.

Tried to run recovery but no help.

What I did to corrupt that file was select cancel and force quite when loading game because was wrong mods loaded...

So is there anything that could save that file or is it time to start fresh game. Good luck was that it was only 38h old file. 

And lesson learned /genbackup at least once a day :D



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