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Immersive ore veins and extraction


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Dear Vintagers,

A large yet unseen feature which would make mining adventurous and more immersive would be the reworked ore system. What is the problem with the current one? There is no change that one cubic meter of stone is full of rich minerals and the one besides it has none of it. The chance of multiple ores overlapping into one block also can not be avoided.

The solution is adding ore veins that are more dense in the middle or in various places and the composition is rarer and rarer as one gets away from the center of the vein. The fact that this system can bring thick blobs or long, branching traces of ore is exciting.

I would like to illustrate what I mean with a Paint picture included in the attachments below.

The current ore generation mechanics can be of course retained, but a branching and direction randomization system must be added to it for the desired results. Prospecting should give the player the average of the various ore densities in an area of stone, not in a chunk and ore textures should be overlapping the stone depending on the amount it stores. The processing would include new mechanics to separate the different ores and work them as desired.

Please note that the inspiration for such a system has come from a Reddit post for a Minecraft server, which I discovered quite a long time ago. https://www.reddit.com/r/Devoted/comments/e92t44/would_you_still_mine_if/

Thank you very much for reading my suggestion, have a nice day.



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